I am a founder member and regular producer for this annual ten-day local film festival. Launched in 2012, the volunteer-run festival is produced, for free, by and for residents of New Cross and Deptford in southeast London.

Community-led free film festivals. Bringing people together to enjoy free cinema and celebrate their local neighbourhood.

As part of the Free Film Festivals movement, we’re interested in the idea of a self-creating film festival. Here, individuals and organisations run their own events with the support, equipment hire and funding assistance from the festival team.

nxdOver 10 days in Spring, we bring 1500 people together at 30 events in galleries, pubs, schools, shops, churches and other non-traditional venues, as well as our big outdoor park screenings.

New Cross + Deptford Free Film Festival is possible thanks to the unpaid work of dozens of volunteers and income from crowd-sourcing, bucket-shaking and fundraising.

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