Exhibition at Mile End Pavilion, June-July 2022. In this show, three video screens act as portals connecting the world of the digital with the world of the real. A cat, a shower and a balloon, looping continuously like three hungry ghosts perpetually begging attention. Each image needy and insatiable.

Cat (2022), Shower (2022), Balloon (2022). Looping video, Raspberry Pi, monitor and speaker

These three works were produced as part of The Bigger Picture, a one-year postgraduate fine art course led by David Mach RA and Alison Harper for Essential School of Painting, London.

I began the course as a painter and participatory arts producer, but found myself drawn to the process of making digital mock-ups – especially animated GIFs. By incorporating overlapping sound, these three looping videos draw the viewer into an image they should never quite believe in.

Exhibition information

Art Matters 2
30 Jun 2022 – 6 Jul 2022, 11am-6pm
The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park

Full details on Art Rabbit

Loop the Loop: a brief history of the GIF

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