Hundreds of submersible LEDs flash and flicker like underwater fireflies. Are they talking to each other, or do they have a message for us? Inspired the natural world, this interactive light installation invites swimmers to play freely among a reef of digital organisms.

Combining ideas from animism and biomimicry, Aqua-luminescence creates a space of free play, in which swimmers gently interact with submersible LEDs displaying signs of life. Should we indulge our human tendency to organise, categorise and dominate? Or are there other ways of living in nature?

Artist statement
Phoenix Fry is an artist who uses light, water and digital technologies to dissolve the artificial boundaries between the mind and the body, and between man and nature. He sees water as a medium of free play, but also as the space where land ends and the journey into outer space begins. This artwork has been developed under the mentorship of light art historian Endre Lehel Paksi and installation artist David Mach RA.


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