Thanks to a grant from the British Council’s Art Connects Us programme, in 2018 I travelled to South Africa to meet the people making the SA film exhibition scene happen.

Over three weeks in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, my research discovered how film exhibitors in South Africa are developing their craft through training, professional development and networks.

I talked to 6 cinema managers, 5 independent curators, 6 film school lecturers and 2 film school students, 4 filmmakers, 6 festival directors, 4 regional film commissions, a pair of PR pros, and 2 distributors. I also spoke to at least a dozen Uber drivers, who give me an insight into how ‘the man on the street’ experiences South African cinema culture.

Read my diary report on the research trip

Cape Town

  • Black Filmmakers’ Film Festival
  • Big World Cinema
  • Encounters Documentary Film Festival in 1998.
  • Cape Town Film Mart & Festival
  • Cape Town Film Commission
  • Bertha Movie House, Khayelitsha
  • Cape Town International Animation Festival
  • Film schools at  AFDA, SAE Institute and the University of Cape Town
  • Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema
  • Labia Theatre
  • Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art


  • Durban Film Commission
  • KZN Film Commission
  • Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Durban University of Technology


  • Bioscope Cinema
  • National Arts Festival
  • Film schools at WITS University and Johannesburg University
  • Indigenous Film Distribution
  • Nirox Sculpture Park
  • First Wednesdays Film Club

British Council’s Art Connects Us

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